I got family and friends that work [at Nissan], and who wants family and friends to be mistreated? Nobody.”
doyoustand Kimar Cain MSJA Tougaloo Chapter Chair
As long as powerful corporations such as Nissan can use fear and threats to keep workers weak and without a voice, we will not be a land of opportunity for all.”
glover Danny Glover Supporter of Nissan Workers
If we can get ten people, we can build a catalyst and change a school, change the world.”
justin_howell_cor Justin Howell Tennessee State University
We’re all human beings, and we deserve to be treated fairly.”
jakala Jakalah Brown Jackson State University
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New Orleans, 3/14 Nissan Truth Tour Recap

Concerned Students for a Better Nissan Truth Tour 2014: New Orleans The second stop on the CSBN Nissan Truth Tour was an opportunity for social justice organizations across the New Orleans area to inspire engagement the social justice movements of today, while building awareness around the right-to-organize campaign for Southern Nissan and T-Mobile workers. The […]

Chicago, 3/4 Nissan Truth Tour Recap

Art, activism, and all of the above! Local poets, artist, and painters rallied support for Nissan workers in Canton, MS and Smryna, TN by tapping into the arts. Local Chicago students creatively collaborate to create a night of live performances in support of social justice issues through original art, poetry, and music with an emphasis […]

Nissan cannot buy our dignity

Recently, Nissan donated $100,000 to the Medgar and Myrlie Evers Institute. Does Nissan really believe that $100,000 can suffice for the dignity, stability and reverence the civil rights era is entitled to? Perhaps Nissan needs to become more aware of the people, place and history of the state in which they are located. Conceivably, Nissan […]

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