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Nissan is threatening its American workers who want democratic representation so they can speak up about health, safety and job security. Intimidation is so strong that Nissan workers fear expressing support for union representation will cost them their jobs. Nissan works with unions all over the world, but won’t give Mississippi workers the same right to a fair election… enough is enough.
We are Concerned Students for a Better Nissan, and we are outraged by this denial of basic democratic and human rights. Nissan targets us as prospective customers; they speak to us through ads, but now it’s time for Nissan to listen to us. As the next generation of workers and consumers, it’s our duty to raise awareness about the injustices Nissan workers are facing. Nissan workers deserve the right to organize and choose a union free from intimidation. Here’s why:

  • Nissan relies on a large number of temporary workers. These workers do the same work as direct workers, but with less pay, fewer benefits and no job security. Many have been “temporary” for years.
  • Nissan workers face intimidation in the workplace. They deserve a voice on issues like safety, benefits and job security.
  • Nissan works with unions all over the world, but in the U.S., they say “if you’re pro-union, you’re anti-Nissan.” Workers in the U.S. deserve a fair election like workers all over the world.

Nissan depends on workers to create a high-quality product, so why can’t workers depend on Nissan to invest in their futures? Instead of protecting the middle class, Nissan treats workers like disposable parts. Now is the time to CHOOSE_ justice.

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