Nicolas Wulff – Florida International University – Political Science and Economics

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Nicolas Wulff is a twenty-two year old student organizer currently attending Florida International University majoring in Political Science and Minoring in Economics.

He is interested in social justice and political organizations because of the work and change that comes along with them. He was first exposed to this “world” while attending Miami Dade College where he joined an immigration organization, Students Working for Equal Rights, that advocates for the rights of undocumented individuals. “I was attracted to this organization because it directly impacted my family and me and since then, I’ve been learning and working through intersectionality on different issues that affect various minority groups in the community”. He hopes to one day obtain his degree and work for a political organization as a political or policy analyst to effectively impact local communities for the better.

“Working on the Nissan Campaign has taught me so much on how these companies operate”, from seeking to locate in the south, to tax incentives, to squeezing as much profit as possible from their local communities, even if that means denying workers their rights to organize to go into collective bargaining to negotiate their working conditions among many other work related issues.

Nicolas have gained a significant amount of knowledge by being involved in this campaign and will use this knowledge to inform others on labor issues specifically in the south and impact this campaign to move it forward.

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