Marcus Bracey Morehouse – Marketing

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marcus bracey“Without difficulty there is no reward.” These are the words I awake to every morning. Thinking back on how far I have come from, opposed to the defeat of how far I must go is what creates new challenges for my life. And when introduced to this new opportunity the challenge became clear. I had never done labor work in my life nor did I anticipate on doing it in the future. But, once introduced to this level of passion and emotional connection within this campaign I could not back down.

I am Marcus Bracey, Senior Marketing Major who attends Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia. Looking back at my campus life at Morehouse, I realize that every Entrepreneurial Networking event attended, internship completed, and relationship built have led me to where I am today in seeking justice for the Nissan workers of Canton, MS. The strengths that back my creative contribution towards this campaign, stems from my passionate love of branding. I have had the opportunity to center my service to AT&T and Rock the Vote, sit on executive boards of numerous campus organizations, and hosted various events around Atlanta. All of these experiential opportunities were all catalyst for me being where I am in becoming a more passionate organizer. And with this new found passion I plan to continue educating, uplifting, and strategizing new ways to show us [the milliennials] the voice we truly possess through this fight for justice.

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