La’Die Mansfield Georgia State University – Political Science and Theater

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La’Die Z. Mansfield is a senior journalism/film student at Georgia State University. While completing her degree in political science/theater at Darton college she started working at Channel 19 as the producer and host of “Meet A Professional.”  La’Die used this spotlight to bring education about opportunities to those that might not have knowledge of other opportunities. She also served as Vice President of the International Club and Ambassador of Darton College.

Upon moving to Atlanta, she became very active within the Occupy movement in media relations and as an organizer. She went on to work very closely in the community with coalitions that included organizations and groups such as Jobs With Justice, AFL-CIO and CWA. La’Die also established, with five other recent grads and colleagues, Occupy Our Homes Atlanta and is the founder of  “Hello Racism”  which is currently working to bring education around social issues to families in low income neighborhoods.

Currently, La’Die works as an intern for UAW GOI and is a member of GSJA (Georgia Student Justice Alliance). Before her internship she volunteered on the Nissan Campaign Tour in Atlanta, GA where she found a love for the workers fight of Canton, Mississippi. La’Die is passionate about telling the stories and the uplifting voices of those that have been silenced due to oppression and empowering communities from a grassroots level.

“I believe that the issues of oppression cannot be solved without the voices of those that have suffered at its hands.” La’Die Z.Mansfield

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