Joel Weathers – Jackson State University – Entrepreneurship

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The fourth child of Otis and Eula Weathers is Joel Marquavia Weathers. He was born on December 14, 1988 at the Baptist Medical Clinic in Jackson, MS and diagnosed after birth with a chronic disease, Sickle Cell Anemia. He has been blessed ever since his birth. His family consists of two sisters and two brothers. He was placed in private school because of his late birthday so that he may not fall behind in attending public school on time. He developed a love and talent for art during public school.

Joel became outspoken due to his chronic disease. He constantly had to explain and educate his family, peers, teachers and even his physicians at times so that they could better understand his mood and condition. His illness along with his everyday surroundings and the vividly scenes on television, the internet and in books showed how people are mistreated around the world lead him into his yearn and zeal for justice for all. Joel became more active in seeking justice not just for himself and individuals with Sickle Cell, but anyone who faced injustice. His personal motivational quote is “To do injustice to anyone is to do injustice to God.”

Joel is currently a senior at Jackson State University majoring in Entrepreneurship with emphasis in Social Justice His major choice of entrepreneurship was always a plan of his, even before knowing what an entrepreneur was. His business choice is that of owing a dry cleaners and hopefully getting his dry cleansers to become a chain of dry cleaners one day. So far, his college experience was a life changing experience. During Joel’s sophomore year, Joel accepted his calling into the ministry. He is a member and associate minister of Shady Grove Missionary Baptist Church in Jackson, MS. Joel will be attending seminary school after graduating from Jackson State University in December 2013. Also Joel will be the first of his siblings and immediately family to graduate from a university and or college. Joel is known to very humble yet bold in faith young man.

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