Amanda Costa – University of Miami – Psychology, Philosophy and Criminology

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Amanda Costa is a University of Miami junior studying psychology, philosophy, and criminology. Her interests lie in people and society; how the human mind and societal structures operate. It was through education that she became aware of the social injustices and inequalities taking place in our society, and decided that she wanted to make a change in the fight for social justice. This is why she decided to join the United Auto Workers Global Organizing Institute team, holding a belief that the Nissan factory workers deserve a voice in the workplace.

Amanda is a sister of Delta Delta Delta, a member of Young Democrats, and a positive body image advocate for the University of Miami Counseling Center. She also has a passion for writing which she exercises daily through her blog.

Amanda’s goal is to go to law school and to become an attorney in the future. This was inspired by a volunteer trip made to The Kristi House, a safe haven for sexually abused children, which has an in-house lawyer who serves as a prosecutor of abusers and an individual who is safe for the children to speak to. She has drive to do something such as that with her law degree, making a positive impact and serving the community.

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